Experimental Study on Mechanical Property of Stiffening-ribbed-hollowpipe Reinforced Concrete Girderless Floor with Four Clamped Edges Supported

Weijun Yang*, Yongda Yang, Jihua Yin, Yushuang Ni
Changsha University of Science and Technology, Changsha, Hunan, 410114, China.

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In order to study the basic mechanical property of cast-in-place stiffening-ribbed-hollow-pipe reinforced concrete girderless floor, and similarities and differences of the structural performance compared with traditional floor, we carried out the destructive stage loading test on the short-term load test of floor model with four clamped edges supported in large scale, and conducted the long-term static load test. Also, the thesis conducted finite element analysis in virtue of ANSYS software for solid slab floor, stiffening-ribbed-hollow-pipe floor and tubular floor. The experiment indicates that the developing process of cracks, distribution and failure mode in stiffening-ribbed-hollow-pipe floor are similar to that of solid girderless floor, and that this kind of floor has higher bearing capacity and better plastic deformation capacity. The finite element analysis manifests that, compared with solid slab floor, the deadweight of stiffening-ribbed-hollow-pipe floor decreases on greater level while deformation increases little, and that compared with tubular floor, this floor has higher rigidity. So stiffening-ribbed-hollow-pipe reinforced concrete girderless floor is particularly suitable for long-span and large-bay building structure.

Keywords: stiffening ribbed hollow pipe, reinforced concrete girderless floor, mechanical property, experiment study, finite element analysis (FEA).