Technology Research Status Review of Long-span Continuous Rigid Frame Bridge Deck Pavement

Hu Wang, Fei Han*
Department of Science, Chang'an University, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710064, China.

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Through the analysis and summary of research status and development trends of deck pavement technology of long-span continuous rigid frame bridge deck pavement at home and abroad, the impact factors of durability of continuous rigid frame bridge deck pavement, such as design flaw, constructional quality and overload are studied. This article will comprehensively analyze the cause of disease focusing on mechanism, structure design deficiency and classification method. Analysis shows that: the durability of continuous rigid frame bridge deck pavement is determined not only by pavement material strength, but also by pavement layer thickness and materials of bridge deck. It is integrated design of pavement and bridge deck, superior construction quality and craft that make sure deck pavement durability. Besides, there are still some imperfections and unreasonableness in existing literatures using finite element calculation of continuous rigid frame bridge deck pavement. In order to provide more credible data for future engineering practice and relevant standard, the finite element method and boundary conditions should be studied and improved.

Keywords: Bridge deck pavement, bridge engineering, continuous rigid frame bridge, finite element analysis.