The Research on the Affect of Collapse State and Bearing Capacity of the Soil Layer Properties Adjacent to the Bearing Plate of the Multi-Extruded-Expanded-Plates Pile

Yongmei Qian*, Xiaolong Liu
Jilin Jianzhu University, Changchun, China

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This paper introduces the research status and analysis of the Multi-Extruded-Expanded-Plates pile (the MEEP pile) at home and abroad, by studying when the plate of pile embedded in different characteristics soil layer, the thickness, physical properties of upper and lower soil layer adjacent to the soil with plate cause the influence on soil break and bearing capacity of the soil layer with plate, analyzing the work together with pile and soil in different soil layer, providing a theoretical basis to improve the calculation formula of bearing capacity of single pile, ensuring the rationality and reliability of the design of the MEEP pile.

Keywords: The multi-extruded-expanded-plates pile, soil layer thickness, the physical properties of soil, the bearing capacity.