Impact Analysis of Support Structure of Unsymmetrical Loading Deep Foundation Pit Adjoining Highway

Donglin Wang*, Lei Wang
School of Civil Engineering, Anhui Jianzhu University, 292 Ziyun Road, Hefei City, Anhui Province, China.

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The air shaft deep foundation pit 6 is influenced by subgrade unbalance loading of highway 312, specifically its deep horizontal displacement of supporting piles and subgrade settlement of expressway 312 under unsymmetrical load effect. This paper carries out construction monitoring and numerical simulation analysis and gives a detailed study on the influenced factors of support structure deformation. Calculation results show that subgrade unsymmetrical load has a great influence on deep horizontal deformation of supporting piles. The maximum horizontal displacement at the bias side is about three times more than non-bias side’s; when the distance of subgrade to foundation pit is the same as the depth of excavation, the influence of subgrade on pit can be ignored; as the cohesion and internal friction angle increases, the horizontal displacement of fender piles decreases. However, enlarging the embedded depth of supporting piles has no significant influence on the stability of foundation pit.

Keywords: Unsymmetrical loaded foundation pit, in-situ monitoring, numerical simulation, horizontal displacement.