Research on Identification of Petroliferous Unit Based on Seismic Data Structure Characteristics

Yu Ding1, 2, Haimin Guo1, 2, Moujie Li*, 1, 2, Changrong Lin3, Xuyang Guo4
1 Key Lab of Exploration Technologies for Oil and Gas Resources, Ministry of Education (Yangtze University), Wuhan 430100, China
2 School of Geophysics and Oil Resources, Yangtze University, Wuhan 430100, China
3 Production Institute of CNOOC Research Center, Beijing 101149, China
4 College of Geosciences, Texas A&M University, the United States of America

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The identification and classification of petroliferous unit is the key to the success in the exploration for oil-gas fields with geophysical knowledge that are the main means and ways to reduce exploration risk and improve exploration efficiency. In this paper, it analyzes geophysical response characteristics under conditions of gas, oil and water through the establishment of horizontal layered medium model. Then it extracts and analyzes seismic abnormal characteristics of the data structure combining the method of grey system theory based on the experiment, which are considered as an important reference for further objectively identifying petroliferous unit and the exploration of oil-gas fields in the practical application with comparison and analysis.

Keywords: Data structure, geophysical knowledge, horizontal layered medium model, oil-gas fields, grey system theory.