Durability Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Arch Bridge Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process Method

Wu Fangwen*, Yang Caofang, Xue Chengfeng
School of Highway, Chang’an University, Xi’an, Shaanxi,710064, P.R.China.

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Durability damages in varying degrees occur in numerous bridges during the service stage. Most problems caused by durability damages, including insufficient carrying capacity, aging, and breakage, among others, will directly threaten the safety performance of the structure and affect its normal condition. It requires field test to inspect in detail and reassess the structure, so that proper action can be taken to maintain the structure. Based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process, this study aims to establish a durability assessment model of a reinforced concrete arch bridge through membership function by combining fuzzy theory, to solve the sensitivity of different degrees of damages on assessment result by setting weight, and to conduct durability assessment of the superstructure of reinforced concrete bridges through the application of comprehensive weight variation fuzzy assessment. Results indicate that the structure is in a good state, and the durability assessment is in good agreement with the actual situation of the bridge.

Keywords: Analytic Hierarchy Process, Fuzzy assessment, Membership function, Reinforced concrete arch bridge.