Construction Monitoring of Cable-stayed Bridges Based on Gray Prediction Model

Wu Fangwen*, Ji Zhengdi, Yang Caofang
School of Highway, Bridge Engineering Chang’an University, Xi’an, Shanxi, 710064, P.R. China.

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The construction process of cable-stayed bridges is complex and has many influencing parameters. Construction monitoring plays an important role in the construction process to ensure the structural safety and meet the design requirements. Gray system theory is applied to analyze and predict structural deformation and cable tension for construction monitoring, which regards the cable-stayed bridge under construction as an interferential gray system with a physical prototype and analyzes the random process as a gray process. The gray prediction model has been established by using and evaluating girder and cable tension as two control inputs of the system in the construction process of cablestayed bridges. The girder and cable tension of subsequent construction stages were predicted, adjusted, and evaluated by using feedback information obtained from measuring and rectifying the gray prediction model to effectively control and adjust the bridge configuration and cable tension. Results show that gray prediction model has good prediction precision, which can control the structural configuration in the ideal state and meet the design requirements.

Keywords: Cable-stayed bridge, structure analysis, gray prediction model, construction control.