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The State of Art on Super Structural Testing Machine in China

Yubin Ma, Jinbao Ji, Weiming Yan, Jing Han

As important test equipment to carry out full-scale structure testing and components failure mechanisms research, super structural testing machines have developed rapidly all over the world in recent years. The authors of this paper investigated, compared and analyzed the construction and the development trends of super structural testing machines in China. The test functions, the test space, the maximum tonnage and other technical indexes of super structural testing machines, which have been built in China, were described. The functions and the typical tests of a multi-functional structure test loading system (40,000 kN) installed in the Beijing University of Technology were also discussed. The vibrations caused by the failure of brittle test pieces on this super structural testing machine were analyzed, and some suggestions to reduce the vibrations were given. It would be valuable for further development and the improvement of other super structural testing machines.

December 28, 2017

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